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Shenzhen OuShiMei Oil Painting Co., Ltd. welcome you!

Professional painting and frame manufacturer, company is located in Dafen Mao Painting Industry Exchange Square building 2/4. The exhibition area of 800 square, tens of millions of inventory painting; signing hundreds of painters and painter strength. In the company all the staff's efforts, has always been adhering to the purpose of creating high-quality works of art for customers, won the trust and support of the major customers.

Products for pure hand drawn art, high quality, low price. Accept custom painting, decorative painting to undertake large projects. Our one-stop service, let you buy the rest assured, comfortable look.

At present, the company has a fixed artist hundreds of people, mainly engaged in various kinds of oil paintings and creative copy, all works are hand painting. The painting of true to life, full of creative arts. Which is the best choice for domestic and foreign art galleries, art dealers and collectors of oil loving.

Our company can undertake large orders custom manuscripts and photographs of all kinds of high, medium and low-grade hand-painted oil paintings, and delivered on time. Since the establishment of the company's works have been exported to Hong Kong and Macao, the Middle East, Europe and the United States Australia, and established a good relationship with the customers.

Recently, the company focused on expanding in the oil fields, oil painting has its own factory, can provide ancillary products, painting, assembly, sales, all in one service. The company has been the pursuit of quality assurance, the credibility of the first concept, your satisfaction is our pursuit!