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Had to start with the name of the man.Generally speaking, it is a very, very artistic and lovely name

Can't remember? Don't be sad, I personally feel that he is not always remember the whole......

Due to the length of the problem, in accordance with international practice, we still call it Picasso.

First to introduce this cool Picasso!

Picasso is his mother's nature, he is Ruiz (father's name). This family name is a lot in Spain, the master is not allowed to have such an ordinary family name.

Plus, he is completely crazy fan of bull, bull with spears thorn cattle jockey for the Spanish is picador, is riding a horse with a spear in hand, this type of work in a bullfight, responsible for with long finger prick cattle back neck, the vascular puncture, bloodletting, from enraged bull, so the word means "to provoke and stimulate".

Picador and mother's surname Picasso, also contains pica, so he chose the mother's surname [Picasso].

Gee, this magical arrogance! This is the master fan!

Is Picasso......


The amount of data that can match his name to the length of a woman, except for the number of women, is the age!

His breath from the early 80s of the 19th century until the 1970s, in fact, survive the next few years can see Deng greatly Southern tour circle friends!

He not only experienced the first World War, the Second World War and the Spanish Civil War, but also crossed the modern times and two times. Such a large span of time, for the definition of his works, had a great difficulty.

Changes in its works in the genre, style trend, exploring the content, is simply a condensed version of the modern European Art History: experienced "classical period", and create a "Cubism", in the concrete world ease after, and with an abstract view opens the frenzy of art.

So, if he is simply a modern art master, it is not fair to say that he is a master of modern art. He is simply a door of modern art, through which we can see the greater world.

He is a milestone in the history of art!

Is Picasso......


From the artist to analyze the artistic soul, is simply nonsense!

Aesthetics, there is no standard answer, especially the art, especially the modern art.

Art has no "good" and "bad" concept, only you "like" or "don't like"......

To date, if there are still people to take composition, three court five eyes, the relationship between light and dark to flicker you, you can directly, "Oh" he delayed your time.

I don't want to talk about the picture, composition, color, and then, the interpretation of the whimsical, wishful thinking. These, there is no significance of the topic.

We Picasso to talk about this man's life, his artistic experience, gossip, and mentality!

Let yourself to experience, what is called "master" and his works......


Say how powerful master!

Someone asked Picasso: "what is art?""

Picasso replied, "what is not art?""

He drew a self portrait, [YO EL REY]!

I'm the king of the language!

Is Picasso......

The master never lost, in addition to a strong self-confidence, art is his arrogance, with countless women.

Life has about 4W works.

He was the first in his lifetime, he saw his work to sell the price of the artist, is also the first to see his work, into the life of the artist Pompidou.

In his previous art circles, life would like to be famous? Port henry! no way!

Is Picasso......

He had no depression, ear is complete, health, longevity, no sad history, never missing woman, rich flow of oil, not only high-profile, also very fashionable! Native Spanish, French and English. All over the world around, traveling everywhere for a masquerade (war).

The trend of summer to the south of France, is the goods set off, to this day, is still the most tide of people in Europe to find a way to resort!

Lovers all over the world, 80 of the elderly and children marriageable age. The same is true conversation: "Miss, can draw a portrait for you? I am Picasso."

Envy jealousy hate it! There is no way.

Is Picasso......


Beginning in 1950, Picasso took aim at the sailor began wearing a long-term, so sailor quickly became a trend, until today.

Picasso is not only a painter, but also an idol, a trend, and even a way of thinking, a way of life.

We can say: "well, this Picasso So!" We will immediately understand all nodded.

Is Picasso......

Picasso such a person, do not need the so-called personal worship, you are born to change the world. All of its every move, not our secular human vision and standards can be judged and evaluated.

This kind of person, is called "the most close to the man of God", of course, I said that in the art world.

Who let somebody else is Picasso......

- - - - - - - - - - Childhood

Works in 1890, just 9 years old......

Works in 1893, just 12 years old......

1896 works, just 15 years old......

1897 works, just 16 years old......


- - - - -Initial period

In 1900, Picasso and Casagemas to Paris travel.

《Moulin de la Galette》,1900


《Portrait de Bibi-la-Purée》,1901

《Portrait de Mateu Fernandez de Soto》,1901

From the works of this period, you can see the shadow of countless schools, visible at the time of the Picasso is exploring their own style.

●●●●●Période Bleue●●●●●

(Spanish:Periodo Azul)

- - - - -Blue period

Enter the blue period, is caused by the death of Casagemas, his death is very dramatic:

Casagemas fell in love with a beautiful woman called Germaine, but it is a pity that men are cruel to women.

Sometime in 1901, Casagemas tell you that he was leaving Paris, we get together for dinner, a few bottles of wine eaten, Casagemas suddenly pulled out a gun, shooting Germaine alignment, fortunately our quick response, to avoid the. The bullet just grazed her neck. Then Casagemas shot himself.

Fuck, the artist's love, really burst!

Casagemas in the works of Picasso

《La Vie》, 1903

Picasso's blue period, the music also had a huge boost. Blue also has the melancholy meaning, the blues is also called Blues, is Bruce.

Although the blues appeared early in Picasso's blue period, however, well-known early blues masters miles out of a song called "blue for Pablo" Pablo is Picasso. This song is used to pay tribute to Picasso's blue period. After Miles out of the most prestigious album, "of blue Kind".

《Vieux Joueur de Guitare》,1903

This pair of works, my personal favorite Picasso blue period works. Sadness and despair, vividly on the canvas.

Blue period lasted for three years, the end of the blue period, into the pink period, is caused by love. This girl is called Fernande.

●●●●●Période Rose●●●●●

Pink period (Spanish: Rosa Periodo)

There is nothing revolutionary in the pink period,

However, Picasso painted his most expensive painting, in 2004, Sotheby's auction, sold $104 million!

Is this goods, a person wearing pajamas with the effeminate man or manly woman.

《Garçon à la pipe》, 1905

《Jeune garçon au cheval》,1906。This is the last representative of the pink period.

Influences Africaines

Africa is the period, Picasso was influenced by African sculpture in 1907 to 1909 when the style of work. This period, which is located in the blue and rose, is also called black or black.

Finished after the Avignon girl, Picasso because of the influence of two portraits of the picture on the right and began to use portrait style creation, which is based on African art style, although the painting is seen as he turned to Cubism before the first stereo main works. He spent several years studying African art, during which time the French Empire was expanding in Africa and brought back some of the works of art from Africa to the museum in Paris. The press is full of exaggerated cannibalism and the African Dahomey story. In addition, Joseph Connor clatter of best-selling book the dark heart of darkness) also referred to the Belgian Congo abuses of Africans. Naturally, under the influence of this African style, Picasso began to look for inspiration in African art.

Picasso experienced African period, ushered in his cubist period.

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Only with a year's time, Picasso completed the transformation of his style of the most cattle, the achievements of today we see the master of Picasso.

From before the [everyone is still personal], become [these abstract]!

《les demoiselles d’Avignon》,1907

I will give you another answer to disillusionment, the so-called [girl] is not what girl,

It is a prostitute.


Cubism is an Picasso greatest contribution to mankind. A huge impact on our lives of Cubism, far greater than the impact on the art itself. Textile industry, construction industry, design industry and so on are all affected by the huge impact of their thinking. And there is something in our eyes that we are so accustomed to today.

Earlier! Also look at the know it!

《Jeune fille à la mandoline》 ,1910

This, look carefully, in fact, can also see something......

《Le joueur de guitare》,1910

Late again, unknown......


Is a person who can't see the ghost!! I was staring to become cross eyed, also did not see any flaws.

Should not have the regret a previous mistake, weird 3D glasses to the person, or can be used to try, you can see the truth......


Yes, the master, but also the ultra realistic person!

Post shock your stuff, you will feel that it is not too Picasso!

《Deux femmes courant sur la plage》,1922

《Silenus dancing in company》,1933

《La Dépouille du Minotaure en costume d’Arlequin》 ,1936

Well, on behalf of the most popular as it is as everyone knows:

《Guernica》 ,1937

●●●●●Masters of women●●●●●

The men's women, the official list is 2 Wife, 5 Lover.

Private contacts, not recorded in the.

The following ranking in accordance with their appearances in Picasso life:

Fernande Olivier(Turn on the pink Mousika)

Marsel Umber

Olga Hohlova(第一任老婆)

Marie-Thérèse Walter

Francoise Gilot

Dora Maar

Jacqueline Roque(第二任老婆)

These seven are just official data! More is a little more, in fact, there is nothing strange, this pursuit, is one of the three ultimate goal of men!

What is the ultimate goal of the three? Wealth, career, love!

In particular, the artist, Mousika is very important, it is not necessarily a beautiful woman, taste this is difficult to say. Picasso like many artists, like painting women, especially women with their own relationship.

Let me looking shocked, the quantity and quality of the woman is not, but the master's depth and foresight!

Master is the master, the reason can handle so much beauty, is the ultimate: "even if I left a portrait of his ex girlfriend, the incumbent also look not to come out who is who."

Who let somebody else is Picasso......

●●●●●Master's signature●●●●●

●●●●●Masters of politics●●●●●

During the Spanish Civil War, Picasso, in order to support his political views, drew a cartoon... Do not know what those who are always condemned the cartoon is not in the flow of people will be how to look at the master of this work.

《Dream and Lie of Franco》,1937

Master was a Communist Party member, after the liberation of Paris, the master joined the Communist Party, not only keen on Party activities, and the life of the Communist party. He also served as a communist propaganda ambassador, attended the party conference, after which he became the party's propaganda painting of the designers.

Master by the party friendly design is used for "dove of peace, the version of the 1949 world peace conference!

Best of all, this design comes from one of the great masters of a gift - "a dove". Yes, that is the granddaddy of fauvism.

After that, the big man to re draw the image of dove, so that it is clear, and become a symbol of peace today.

This is his childhood painting dove:

●●●●●Masters of the Museum●●●●●

First of all, clear a few points:

1、 for the works of art, even the classic by critics, art historians regarded as a masterpiece of the works. You can also think that it is not beautiful. There is no question that the aesthetic is a subjective thing. But, you can't deny his value, but can't let other people think it is beautiful. Because they may be from a different point of view, it may be combined with more things to see.

2、 there are many forms of exploration in the history of art. These forms of exploration is like the sparkling waves, beautiful but may be short, the bottom of the sea is the mainstream. Their value does not lie in the overthrow of the mainstream, the overthrow of the classical, instead, but tells you that art can do so. Form can also be explored, this form of exploration to the extreme is the way. And all the time, the tradition has been preserved in the aesthetic influence, and has never been abandoned. Just, since the end of nineteenth Century, by Darwin's theory of evolution, people think that society must progress, we must innovate, which leads to the exaggeration of the body, leading to the blurring of the boundaries of art. Ignore the subject, as if the public love is vulgar, the minority is the avant-garde, this is wrong. They are exploring the value, but not the mainstream of art. In fact, now, in the gallery, the people see the most or the shelf painting, classic. The modern art gallery can be read in a moment, and it is true that they are sometimes not very long. However, they are still valuable, can be considered not beautiful, but can not simply deny.

3、 we now see the art of history, especially the modern art, particularly prominent in the form of exploration, innovation, anti tradition. And, for an artist, often the most often mentioned is the period of anti traditional, innovative, and others are often ignored. In fact, there are many artists, early works are also very traditional (because often accept the school training) and late, there are a lot of artists return to tradition. So, our impression of the image of an artist is often not complete. Maybe it's just a particular piece of work for him in a particular period.

Next look at Picasso.

First give a location:

Contemporary western most creative and most far-reaching influence of the artist, the liberation of the painting, the form of breaking, he and Matisse, is the real master.

Picasso is not a natural born to explore "cubism".

He said such a sentence:

At the age of thirteen, you can paint like Rafael, but by the time he was 70, he could draw like a child.

Picasso's writing career is also in constant exploration, or in his own painting, it is found that.

From Greco Gothic style with the classical style, Impressionism, Post Impressionism, especially Cezanne's influence, eventually in the change and integrate, formed its own unique artistic style.

This style of the key factors, that is, how to deal with the problem of screen space.

Let's simply sort out the changes in the space of painting in the history of art. Remember that Zhang's son mentioned in the answer, the early Western art and Oriental Art, it does not look so realistic, because it does not pay attention to the perspective and light and shade. And how to change the western painting?

In 1413, Brunelleschi conducted a perspective experiment. In 1425, Masaccio's "Holy Trinity" was an early example of the use of perspective.

And in the Renaissance, the perspective of the use of perspective is more and more mature, more and more natural.

Rafael "the school of Athens"

Baroque period, it is more and more emphasis on the great depth of the effect.

This kind of pursuit of perspective, to the Dawit, loudly changed. Such as "the three brothers of the brothers," "the death of Socrates" has a sense of the three dimensional space to be restricted, began to emphasize the two-dimensional image of the picture.

In the evolution of the concept of the image space, "the three-dimensional illusion of three-dimensional" and "two dimensional reality of the painting" has always been a contradiction.

One of the most prestigious modern critic Berg Lin said: the modern western painting, is to process the plane.

Then Picasso's Cubism, exactly what to make exploration of space on the screen?

First look at the history of the art of Picasso to create the stage:

Blue period (1901-1904)

Because of poverty, living in poverty. The main screen is blue, blue tone. Such as works: "life", "tragedy", "the woman and the crow"


Rose red period (1905-1906)

This period some people think that his life is better, works sold, subject to recognition, a good mood. Some people think that he was often in the circus, the circus is such a gorgeous interior decoration. "Mother and child", "the family of the circus"


Analysis of Cubism (1907-1911

Contact with Black, by the influence of Cezanne, has been basically to explore their own unique style. The most controversial works "girl Avignon". Very difficult for you to think this is beautiful, but he does make the unprecedented and try to explore, is actually the Renaissance lay in the realist tradition completely separated.


Synthetic Cubism (1912-1914) by collage, collage. Put some letters and letters in it. Because of a broken object from the reality, and the reality of things inside. Works such as "guitar". At this time has come to the edge of the abstract. (a real step in the abstract is Kandinsky)


And in fact, Picasso has lived to 1973, the basic across the whole of the twentieth Century art exploration, which is one of the reasons he has far-reaching influence.

In fact, it is easy to show that mature period Picasso features: images of geometry, has carried on the summary and abstract picture space without three dimensional effect, no perspective, no longer in perfect proportion of the human body. Even the uncertain wandering viewpoint. In fact, these features are also reflected in Cezanne's works, but Picasso will be its innovation and play to the extreme.

The reference "art of the story", for example "Violin and grape":

This is Picasso's works in 1912, which is in the comprehensive Cubism period of creation, the style is very mature.

In fact, I have always wanted to say, Picasso's studio mess? Obviously not. His picture looks like a mess, like a pile of pieces, but in fact, his work is a reflection of another reality!

Yes, it's true in your mind.

Take the violin and the grapes:

Obviously the violin scroll shaped head from the side, but in the main it is the front, string and bow not in a fixed position, and the curvature of the edge has been exaggerated. This at first glance is very irregular, but in fact, we imagine a thing, just like. We will think of the side scroll shaped head, because it is indistinguishable from the front, we will think of a curved edges, in the past we simply cannot be correctly estimated the curve.

Picasso's works, in fact, with a few pieces of plane in the eyes of the audience constitute a sense of the physical image of the violin, and even can be said to explore the relationship between the visual and hallucinations.

And Picasso is really a very rich imagination, the form of an extremely sensitive artist. Some of his sculptures are influenced by African art, form a high degree of generalization, full of infectious. And some of the cast iron sculptures even affect the form of doctrine.

Everyone to see such a simple works, just two parts of bicycle, but it is so vivid, it is not so easy you can think of.

And some of Picasso's other works, give us a look.

The weeping woman

Dora Marr, a super realistic female photographer, one of Picasso's many lovers.

Paul in Clown Costume

This is Picasso's son.

But Picasso's son is also very hard, after all, Picasso's personal life is really... But this does not affect his artistic creation. Even Picasso will draw inspiration from his many lovers, and there is a very apt biography of Picasso: the creator and destroyer.


"Picasso's last self portrait"

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